About Adea.

I grew up on Long Island, New York and spent my childhood chasing fairies.

In 2013, I moved to Colorado, where I spent the next two years getting my BA in Religion. While still a student I traveled to Nepal where I studied a style of traditional Buddhist artwork. My time there allowed me to revitalize my passion for Fine Arts. 

I spent the two years after graduation stepping into the New York art scene, with my first solo show in Dumbo Brooklyn.

I recently moved to San Francisco, California where I am studying at the San Francisco Art Institute and will be graduating with my MFA in Spring of 2019. In my free time I meditate, practice yoga, and hang out with my cat, Ketchup. 

Image: Installing in the Rabbit Hole Studio, Dumbo Brooklyn. 

About the works 

I use color and abstraction to evoke states of deep reflection and confrontations with vast states of mind. These boundless mental spaces such as death, God, war and nature are all opportunities for deep meditative reflection which I explore constantly drawing from my background in Buddhism, contemplative prayer, yoga, and meditations. My works unfold while being made, and are returned to only when certain emotions are present. When finished, the paintings act as archives of consciousness and emotion.